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Alashhar for Arts & Architecture offers you online design services.
Please read the following paragraphs to know more about these services.

How Do We Work?

- Client chooses the services he/she wants by clicking on one of the icons below.
- Client fills out the order application with his/her information and with the specifications of his/her order.

- After reviewing the application, Alashhar will send the client final price quote and time schedule of the service.
- Once quotes and agreement were approved by client and Alashhar, Alashhar receives 40% of the payment in advance.
- During the work process, Alashhar meets the client online or in person to discuss and review the work.
- Final design will be emailed to client once he/she pays the final 60% of payment.


Architectural Service                                             Graphic-Design Service

Terms & Conditions
- 40% of the payment have to be made in advance before start working on the service.
- Client should pay the other 60% of the payment before emailing the final work.
- Client will receive the final work as JPEG, PNG, PSD and PDF files depending on his/her order.
- In case of passing two months after the agreement and the client did not contact or show up, the agreement will be canceled and the refund will not be returned.
- Each order has specific number of editing hours. If client needs more time for revising and editing, he/she should pay more for each extra hour.
- Client should provide on time all the necessary information about the project.
- We accept all modes of payment via Skrill: Bank Transfer, Credit Card, Online Bank Transfer, cheque, etc.
- Alashhar studio has the right to publish photos of its design on its official website, facebook, and blog.
- Alashhar studio has the right to publish its logo, name, or website address on the design in a way that doesn't affect both the content and the layout of the design in order to preserve its copyrights.

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